Friday, January 6, 2012

Never Ending Candle - Day 5 - Serendipity Stamp Scene

Welcome to the final day of my Never Ending Candle tutorials.  Today I am using several of Outlines Rubber Stamp Company's Serendipity Stamps to make a scene.  No bling, no crystals, no Viva, just stamping, coloring, lighting the candle, and enjoying.

Serendipity Scene Never Ending Candle

Candle in a glass jar or an empty glass jar
Stamps:  Summer Breeze (here), Wild Flowers (here), Lilly and Layla (here), Joyful (here)
Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black
Markers: Copic Flourescents FYG1 (Yellow), FYR1 (Orange), FYG2 (Yellow Green), FB2 (Blue), FRV1 (Pink), and Tombow Marker Nos. 055 (here), 173 (here), 725 (here), and 873 (here)
Post It Notes
Double Sided Tape
White Cardstock
Viva Decor Glitter Liner Holo Iridescent (here)


1.  Cut a piece of white cardstock to fit around your jar or candle. 

2.  Stamp the right side of Wild Flowers and the right side of Summer Breeze on post it notes and trim.

3.  Stamp the Wild Flowers image on the left side of the cardstock.

4.  Adhere the post it note with the Wild Flower image over the right side of the image you just stamped.  Then stamp the Summer Breeze image allowing a bit of the image to stamp on the post it note.  This will allow the scene to look like it just keeps going without showing any break in the images.

Notice that in the tall flower the leaf on the left side did not fully stamp.  Just take a fine line marker and drawer it in to close up the image.  

5.  Adhere the post it note of Summer Breeze over the right side of the image you just stamped.  Now stamp Wild Flowers again allowing it to overlap just a bit.  Continue alternating until the whole piece of cardstock has been stamped.

6.  Stamp Lilly or Layla, whichever you want, or both, so it hovers near one of the larger flower images.  Then stamp the smallest butterfly from the Joyful set a few times in the scene.

8.  Color in your scene using whatever markers, pencils, or paints that you enjoy using.  If you use the same markers in the same flowers across the scene, it will go faster.  Use bright colors and go crazy.  It's a garden!!

9.  Add some stickles or Viva Decor Glitter Liner.  I added some Spiced Marmalade Stickles, some Viva Glitter Liner in Holo Iridescent and Sapphire.  Allow to dry.

10.  Add a strip of double sided tape to one end, wrap around the glass jar and adhere the other side.  Insert candle, light, and enjoy.



  1. I love the vibrant colors on this! Great candle!

  2. ok this one is soooooo my favorite! You left the best to last!!! Love the colors - super great job my friend!!!

  3. You did such a wonderful job with this!! ! I think this mix of beautiful colors and textures!