Thursday, January 5, 2012

Never Ending Candle - Day 4 - Circle Topper

Welcome to Day 4 of my Never Ending Candle tutorials.  Today I am using one of Outlines amazing "Ornament Topper" stamps.  But not for an ornament.  I love to come up with ways to use Outlines stamps for projects - other than what they were intended for.  Do ornament toppers have to be used just for ornaments?  Nope.  Not in my world.

Circle Topper Never Ending Candle

Candle in a glass jar or an empty glass jar
Stamps:  Circle Topper (here)
Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black
Markers: Copic Flourescents FYG1 (Yellow), FYR1 (Orange), FYG2 (Yellow Green), FB2 (Blue), FRV1 (Pink), and R27 (Red).
Stamp Positioner - optional
Other Tools: Big Bite, Double Sided Tape, White Cardstock
Viva Pearl Pens in Yellow (here), Red (here), Kiwi (here) and Viva Glitter Line in Sapphire ()


1.  Cut a piece of white cardstock to fit around your jar or candle. 

2.  Stamp the Circle Topper image all over the piece of cardstock.  Allow some of the images to go off the paper.  If you want, use a Stamp Positioner to get the image exactly where you want it.

3.  Color in the images.

4.  Using a Big Bite or other long reach hole punch, punch out the center circle and the 6 small circles  around the center, and the one or two full circles in each of the arms of the image.  See image below - all the black holes are the holes that I punched out.

5.  Use the Viva Pearl Pens or the Viva Glitter Liner Pens to add some depth and sparkle to some of the dots in each of the arms of the ornament topper.

6.  Adhere a strip of double sided tape to one side of the white cardstock, wrap around the glass jar/candle holder and tape closed.

8.  Place candle or tea light in jar, light, and enjoy.

Sorry, after taking numerous shots of this lit candle, this was the best of all the photos.  Camera was just not cooperating tonight.  But, trust me, it's gorgeous when lit.



  1. Another beauty!
    I will have to talk with you about these projects! I loved them!

  2. que lindooooo !!!!
    Amei o resultado !!!
    Beijos Coloridos !!
    True Colors