Thursday, January 5, 2012

True Colors Training

As some of you know, my partner, Ruy and I, have a stamping/scrapping store here in the countryside of Sao Paulo, Brasil.  Down the road when I am here on a more permanent basis, I want to give classes for altered books, journals, etc.  Although I can import products from the States (Ranger), there are a few companies here that make almost the same product.  And, if I am going to live here, I want to try and work with Brasilian companies if I can.  True Colors is one of those companies.  They produce artist paints, gel mediums, stencil pastes, spray colors and, what I think is the coolest - alcohol inks in a spray!!  

So, after weeks of bugging Ruy to call them and see what the deal was (when I get an idea in my head I annoy him to no end), we were finally able to set up a time to go to the company and get a 3 hour training session with Luciana.  What a great person to meet.  Actually, everyone there was great.  We sat with her for a few hours, then we started to talk about products here in the States, what I was looking to do, etc.  Then she called down her boss - and her brother - Eduardo.  We sat and talked some more.  The 3 hour training session turned into a 5 hour meeting.  It was fantastic.  

At the end, they gave me some product to play with before I placed an order.  Below are some pics from our day there.  Now I need to go play and see how they work for me.  

If you want, check out Luciana's blog here for True Colors -
Ruy playing with paints.  Scary.

Ruy using stencil paste and a stencil.  He took to being artsy very fast.  Yeah!!

Ruy and Luciana talking in the "classroom", which is filled with all their products and samples.  

Some of Luciana's work with stencils and spray mists. 

A bottle Luciana made with paints, etc.  Very cool. 

Some more of Luciana's samples.

My notes!!

The True Color rack filled!!!  I want one. 

Luciana showing a canvas bag she used stencils and paints and sprays.  Amazing!! 

Ahhh, my fav....alcohol inks in a spray.

Let's not talk about the apron.  It needs to be altered.

Me, Luciana, and Ruy.

Cristiano who also works there.  We brainstormed.  

Me, Luciana, Ruy, and Eduardo, the owner.



  1. Michael I love the canvas but especially love that Home wall hanging art


  2. aaahhhh e lembrando que um dos projetos que vc fotografou é da minha querida Jaluza !!!!
    Beijos !!!

  3. Michael, keep annoying Ruiyng to no end ;) ) I'm glad you are doing the things you wanted for your stamp/craft project! beijos Carol

  4. WOW! Some awesome art. I can't wait to see what you do with those alcohol ink sprays. You look so happy Michael, glad to see the pictures of you and Ruy having fun.