Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 4 - StencilGirl/Viva Las Vegas Stamps Blog Hop

Psst..before I start, there is a fantastic GIVEAWAY - 2 people will win a prize package worth $50!  $25 in StencilGirl stencils and a pound of rubber stamps from Viva Las Vegas Stamps.  Do you know how many stamps are in a pound?  Hint: about 100.  LOL.

Remember to leave a comment on each blog.  The more blogs you visit and leave a comment on, the more chances you have to win! Good luck everyone!

Here is today's list of blogs to visit!!

Michael Trent (You are already Here)

The Blog Hop runs all week!  The more blogs you visit and leave comments on, the more chances you have of winning the amazing GIVEAWAY!!  The GIVEAWAY ends on Sunday, August 31st at 11:59 PM Central Time!

Hey everyone!!  

I am really thrilled to be part of this blog hop with two of my favorite companies (after Nestle, that is) - StencilGirl Products and Viva Las Vegas Stamps!!  Today's project is my take on a color wheel.  The first time I saw Pam Carriker's Complementary stencil, this is the project I had in mind.  And I am finally getting it out of my head here!  I used  the correct colors around the wheel but used stencils and rubber stamps in each section of the wheel to give it a mixed media - very cool - effect.  I hope you guys love it as much as I do.  

Step by Step:

1.  Place the piece of 5 3/4" square watercolor paper on your work surface, secure the Complementary stencil over it and trace the sections with a fine tip permanent black marker.

2.  Use watercolor pencils and a color wheel as a reference, if needed, color around the wheel. I started at the top with the color yellow.  Then worked my way around the wheel. Use a waterbrush to blend the watercolors. I used a mixture of watercolor pencils from Faber Castell, Prismacolor, and Crayola. You can also use Inktense Pencils or Inktense Blocks.  

You will end up with something like this -

Now to fill in each of the colors with a stencil or stamp.  For each of the colors, the first thing I do is mask off the sides with sticky notes.  I want the stencil or stamp to stay within each space.  

3.  I started with the color Blue.  Blue to me means the sea. The sea has fish in it.  Hence me using Aidan's School Stencil (one of my favs, by the way).  Place the stencil over the blue area and apply white pigment ink with a dauber over the fish you wish to use.   Allow to dry and then go back with the stencil and outline with the black permanent marker.  I also gave the fish an eye.  

4.  Place the Journal Texture 2 stencil in the Yellow area and trace with the black marker. Then do the same for the colors Red-Orange, Violet, and Blue-Green.  Basically N,S, E, and West.

5.  For the Yellow-Green and Red-Violet colors, I masked off each area and stamped the Brick Background image in Jet Black Archival.  

6.  For the Yellow-Orange and Blue-Violet colors, I masked off each area and stamped the Six Hexagon Background image in Jet Black Archival.

7.  For the Green and Red colors, I masked off each area and stamped the Washi Chevron Background image in Jet Black Archival.

8.  Finally, for Orange, I used the Net stencil.  I figure it is across from the fish and you catch fish in nets.  I know, my brain works in a very strange manner.  LOL.  Lay the Net stencil over the orange and outline with the black marker.

Your final piece, prior to layering, will look like this - 

9.  I then outlined the piece with a Silver Krylon Pen, stamped the "you color my world" saying in the center, layered it on a piece of 6" x 6" black cardstock, which I then layered on the front of my 6" card.

Hope you guys liked this take on a color wheel.  Scroll down more and you will see one more idea but this time using all StencilGirl stencils with the same Viva Las Vegas Stamp phrase in the center!

Supplies Used:

StencilGirl Stencils Used:
Complementary (S116) by Pam Carriker 
Journal Texture No. 2 (M027) by Pam Carriker
Net (S129) by Mary Beth Shaw 
Aidan's School Stencil (S001) by Aidan

Viva Las Vegas Stamps Used:
You Color My World
Washi Chevron Background
Brick Background
Six Hexagon Background
The Washi Chevron, Brick, and Six Hexagon Backgrounds can also all be found on - Plate 917

Other Supplies Used:
Watercolor Pencils
Watercolor paper, 5 3/4" x 5 3/4"
Jet Black Archival Ink (or other waterproof ink)
Unicorn Pigment Ink by Hero Arts
Fine tip permanent black marker
Sticky Note Pad
Silver Krylon Pen
Stamp Positioner (optional)

Here is another take on the mixed media color wheel - 

For the above piece, I used only stencils, listed below, with watercolor pencils for each of the same colors around the wheel. And the "you color my world" phrase from Viva Las Vegas Stamps -

Complementary (S116) by Pam Carriker 
Net (S129) by Mary Beth Shaw 
Journal Texture No. 2 (M027) by Pam Carriker
Slices 6 (S094) by Terri Stegmiller
Throwing Stars (S039) by Michelle Ward
Blades (S105) by Terri Stegmiller 

Hugs from Brasil!!


Monday, August 25, 2014

Viva Las Vegas Stamps/StencilGirl Products Blog Hop

Morning everyone.  After being slammed the Flu Friday night and spending two days in bed...I will keep this short and sweet!  

There's a new Blog Hop going on this week!  We all love Blog Hops!  And it's between my two favorite companies -


AND- with any Blog Hop with StencilGirl, there is a kickass Giveaway at the end of the week.  Wait, am I allowed to use the word ass on Blogger?  Okay,there is a kickbutt Giveaway at the end of the week.  Stencils from StencilGirl Products and a pound of rubber from Viva Las Vegas Stamps.  Do you have any idea how many stamps are in a pound??  Crazy!!

Blog Hop Order-Monday

Make sure you check out each webiste, each day this week and leave a comment on each and everyone of the them.  The more comments left, the more chances you have of winning the GIVEAWAY!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

StenDoodle A Vase For Some Darling Poppies

I cannot believe that it has been over a month since I have picked up a stencil.  I have been giving classes in the store on making a baby album and they have kept me busier than I ever expected.

I'm very excited to report that my StenDoodle technique is being profiled on an amazing blog out of Australia - called Sparkle Tart! Not only does the site have an amazing name, but it is owned by Kate Palmer - an amazing mixed media artist and crafter.  I hope some of you know who she is.  If not, you must - must - must go over to her site and check it out.  Heck, just subscribe.  You will not be disappointed.

To go along with the Sparkle Tart post, I made a "Home Decor" project for my blog too - a StenDoodled Vase and Flowers.  This is an idea that has been festering in my head for months now.  I own so many flower dies by Memory Box that they needed a vase to go into.  And it has to be StenDoodled!

Hope you like!

Step by Step:

1.  Since I do not have a stencil for a vase (believe it or not), I drew one on a piece of cardboard, used it as a stencil and traced it on a piece of cardstock with a pencil and cut out.  You can do the same or use a vase stencil if you have one.  Then place the Intersections Small stencil over the vase and trace the areas you want to use - with a pencil and then with a black fine tip Sharpie.

2.  Place the Slices 6 stencil in each of the areas and trace with the Sharpie (Nos. 1 and 2,  below).  Place the Net stencil in the upper area and trace with the Sharpie (No. 3, below).  In the lower area, place the Timeless stencil over the areas so that you can trace the small dots (No. 4, below).  

This is what you will end up with.

3.  Now place the Fractured Glass stencil over the center area and trace the stencil with the Sharpie.

This is what you will end up with.

4.  Now color in the vase.  Because I knew that I was going to use Diamond Glaze over the whole vase, I made sure to NOT use a water based marker - because I did not know how much bleeding would happen. Instead, I used my Prismacolor Markers.  You can use Copics if you want.  in Apple Green, Canary Yellow, Orange, True Blue, and Rhodamine.  I also traced around the whole edge with a Silver Krylon pen. 

5.  I cut the Darling Poppies die several times out of the green, Metallic Red, Metallic Light Pink, and Metallic Dark Pink cardstocks (No. 1, below). From the Metallic Red flower heads, remove the pieces and then glue the outline over the 4 green outlines on the full die piece (No. 2, below). Then go back and glue the Metallic Light Pink to the inside of two of the flowers and the Metallic Dark Pink to the other two (No. 3, below).

6.  Adhere the Darling Poppies to the card base with the Zig 2 Way glue.  I sort of held the vase where I planned to glue it down  and then positioned the flowers coming out of the vase.  Then glue the vase to the base paper. I then layered the white cardstock on a piece of black, which I then layered on a piece of Metallic Dark Pink.  

7.  Die cut the Small Easel back by Tim Holtz on a heavy weight piece of Kraft paper (or other heavy weight paper), adhere it to the back of the piece.   

8.  Place your art on a shelf or mantle for all to enjoy.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and project! Please...let me know.  

Also, do not forget to enter the contest to win some amazing stencils by StencilGirl - just click HERE!


Supplies Used:

Intersections Small (S187) by Michelle Ward for StencilGirl Products
Fractured Glass (S024) by Mary Beth Shaw for StencilGirl Products
Slices 6 (S094) by Terri Stegmiller for StencilGirl Products
Timeless (S216) by Seth Apter for StencilGirl Products
Net (S129) by Mary Beth Shaw for StencilGirl Products
Darling Poppies Die by Memory Box
Prismacolor Markers - Apple Green, Canary Yellow, Orange, True Blue, and Rhodamine
Small Easel Die by Tim Holtz
Diamond Glaze by Judikins
Cardstock Colors: Black, White, Green, Metallic Red, Metallic Light Pink, Metallic Dark Pink 
Double Side Tape or Glue of your choice
Permanent Fine Tip Marker (Sharpie)
Zig Two Way Glue 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

StencilGirl Products/Viva Las Vegas Stamps Blog Hop

Good morning everyone!!  Hope everyone is checking out the amazing Blog Hop going on over at StencilGirl Talk with Eileen Hull Designs.  The projects are amazing!!  

And the GIVEAWAY is fantastic!

Here are links for the 4 days so far - go check them out and leave comments so you have a chance to win!




Day 4 (Today)CLICK HERE

Next week is another Blog Hop but this time I am participating!!  It's a week long Blog Hop between two of my favorite companies - StencilGirl (of course) and Viva Las Vegas Stamps!  If I lived in Vegas, I would be so broke!  LOL

Anyway, just a head's up to mark your calendars for next week.  Every day will be new 5 artists with 5 projects.  You can leave comments each day on all the blogs for a chance to win an amazing GIVEAWAY at the end of the hop!  

Hope to see you all there!

Hugs from Brasil -

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Apologies...and a StencilGirl Stencil Contest (Soon)!!!

Hey everyone.  

I cannot believe that I have not posted to my blog since July 4th!!  A month yesterday.  Crazy.  I've even gotten a few emails from some of my followers asking if I am okay.  All is fine here in sunny - but windy - Sao Paulo.   I have just been really really really crazy busy!  

About a month ago I made a baby album for a close friend of ours.  It's a lot of work but totally worth it in the end. After I showed it to a few people we started to get calls and emails asking if I was going to do a class on the album in the store. Hmmm, never really thought of this but why not!!  Problem is I never realized how many people would want to take it AND how much work went into cutting all the papers, etc. for each kit!  But, it's kept me busy and I was able to earn a little money here!  

I am hoping to get back on track with the blog very soon.  And, to make sure you guys do not forget who I am....I am going to have another StencilGirl stencil contest VERY SOON in conjunction with a really cool blog in Australia!! 

So - keep your eyes on your blog feed or email for the announcement!!  

Many hugs!!


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