Thursday, February 20, 2014

StenDoodle An Oreo...

Okay, I admit, the title of this blog post is a bit misleading.  I didn't really StenDoodle an Oreo cookie.  Just the name.  You see, I have a problem.  A BIG problem.  I LOVE Oreo cookies.  Original Oreos are fine but Double Stuffs?  YUM!!!  And Double Stuffs are not available here in Brasil - yet.  Of course, I have friends that like to tease me by putting almost anything Oreo related up on my Facebook page.  (Barbara Brisken and Wayne Gartley - you know who I am talking about. LOL)

This morning, Wayne Gartley, owner of Viva Las Vegas Rubber Stamps (an AMAZING store in Las Vegas, by the way) put this picture on my Facebook page - 

My mind started to turn.  I let him know that if this logo printed out well, I was going to Stendoodle it.  Well, it printed out just fine. 

And then I got to work...a few StencilGirl Stencils....some Tombow and Sharpie markers...a black permanent marker....FUN!!

First stencil used on the "O" is Circle Rays 6 by StencilGirl Products.

Next stencil used is in the "R" is Squared On 6 by StencilGirl Products.

And then I went back and added my favorite stencil - Aiden's School Stencil by StencilGirl Products inside the Squared On 6 stencil. 

Next stencil used in the "E" is Throwing Stars 6 by StencilGirl Products.  After tracing one way, I turned the star and traced the corners to change the stars on the stencil. 

Final stencil used in the last "O" is Eddy Rose 6 by StencilGirl Products.

This is the final look before I did the coloring.

I then colored in the piece with a mixture of Tombow markers and Sharpie Fine Tip markers.  I also went around the outline of each letter and each of the layers with the black permanent marker to make it pop a bit. 

What do you guys think? 

Beijos e abracos (Hugs & Kisses)


Monday, February 17, 2014

StenDoodling Is For The Birds!!

Hi everyone!!  Today on StencilGirl's Blog is my post called "StenDoodling Is For The Birds".  I show you several ways to use one stencil - Tall Birds - to make some cards.  Hope you come check it out.

Just click on the photo below!!


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Help Cindy and Kevin Get To Brasil!!!

**This post will stay on top of the blog until February 16th, which is when this contest ends.**

Hey everyone.  I need your getting some friends of mine to Brasil.  No, I am not asking for money for their plane tickets.  LOL.  All you need to do is "Like" a Facebook page.  Yes, that's it.  I swear!!

My friend Cindy and her husband Kevin have entered a contest being given by Fogo de Chão, a fantastic Brasilian steakhouse with locations both in the USA and here in Brasil.  Cindy and Kevin can really, really use this vacation.  Many of you probably know Cindy from the paper crafting industry, her dies with Spellbinders, her new Tool in One tool, and her website -  She also has tons of Brasilian papercrafters and stampers that buy from her all the time.  Many of my friends are her friends and we would all love to get them here to Brasil!!  

So, if you could just take a minute, all you need to do is click HERE - read their story (if you want to), then scroll to the bottom and click on the Like button. 

Or go here -

Really.  That's it!!  Oh, and if you want, you can pass this along to everyone you know too. 

Thankssssssssss sooooo much!!

Beijos e abracos, 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sneak Peek - For The Birds

Hey next blog post on StencilGirl Talk is set for February 17th.  Below are a few "sneak peeks" of my tutorial.  I am not allowed to say or reveal much (you have no idea how angry those StencilGirl Girls can get - LOL) - but I will be using 1 really cute stencil to make a bunch of different cards.  

Let's just say it's totally "For The Birds".....

I really hope you can join me on February 17th on!!!

Hugs - 


Friday, February 7, 2014

My Life In Brasil - Bairro da Ipiranga (Ipiranga Neighborhood)

A few weeks ago we had to go into Ipiranga, Sao Paulo to pick up some supplies for a class.  While waiting for the items, we had a chance to walk around the neighborhood a bit.    This neighborhood, or Bairro in Portuguese, is called Ipiranga and it is where the Emperor Pedro I of Brasil proclaimed the independence of Brasil from Portugal on September 7, 1822.  

Here are some shots of the neighborhood - many are charming old homes.

Below are shots of Independence Park.  One end is the Museu Paulista, which was built in 1895 as a commemorative monument for the anniversary of the independence of Brasil. It was built to be a museum and it is still a museum today.  (Thank you Renata Geraissati for giving me the correct info.) The park is very much like Central Park, but smaller, where people walk, skateboard, jog, chill out, watch people, etc.

But, the best shot I got was this really really really cool store?  home?  painted as a huge puzzle!!

Hope you enjoyed...

Beijos e abracos (Hugs & Kisses) -


Monday, February 3, 2014

StenDoodling With A Rubber Stamp - Valentine's Day Card

Hello everyone.  I'm back again with another Valentine's Day card but this time I am showing how to StenDoodle with a rubber stamp, and, of course, a bunch of stencils from StencilGirl!!!

For this project I am using the Big Hearts Background Stamp by Stamp Camp.  This is a great stamp to use because of the large areas inside the hearts, which you will fill with parts of other stencils to give a totally different look.  And, the stamp is on until February 14th on their site!!!  This is also a great stamp for an Anniversary Card or just an I Love You card too. 

(Disclaimer - I am not earning anything from using this stamp, nor was I given this stamp by Stamp Camp.  I do know the owner and I have a large collection of her stamps.  Disclaimer finished.)

Supplies Used:

Fluid Chalk Ink pad in Warm Red by ColorBox
Spider Web Stencil by StencilGirl Products
6 Point Starry Night by StencilGirl Products
Ray Circles by StencilGirl Products
Triangles by StencilGirl Products
Fractured Glass 6 by StencilGirl Products
Mini Downward Stairs by StencilGirl Products
Tombow and Sharpie Markers to color
Uniball Signo White Pen
Express Yourself Stamp Set by Impression Obsession
Jet Black Archival Ink Pad
Double sided tape

Step by Step:

1.  Apply ink to your image and stamp on white cardstock.  Because of the large solid area on this stamp, I used a chalk ink.  You can also use a pigment ink, or Versamark ink and embossing powder.

2.  After laying a bunch of stencils over the hearts and looking at different designs, I decided to use the Spider Web stencil.  I know, a strange stencil to use, but I loved the way the corner of the stencil worked in the piece.   Sometimes part of a stencil will work, but not the whole stencil.

I traced the lines in the design I wanted to use in pencil, then went back and traced over the pencil lines with a permanent marker and then erased the pencil lines.

3.  Using the stencils listed above, trace in the different sections of the stamped hearts. I did not do anything with the two small hearts. 

4.  Now to color in your piece.  I used a mixture of Tombow markers and fine tip Sharpies.  But feel free to use whatever medium you want to use. 

5. Using the "love" and "you" stamps from the Express Yourself stamp set, stamp the center of the two small hearts with the Archival Ink.  This will make it look like the candy hearts at Valentine's Day.

6.  Trim card, layer it on a piece of black cardstock and then on the red card base.  I also outlined the hearts with the White Uniball pen and some areas inside each of the hearts.  Okay, I might have overdone it.  LOL.  I also colored in each of the small hearts with a yellow Tombow pen.

Now give it to someone you love!!!  
Here is another variation - using the same stamp - but with different Stencil Girl stencils.


Happy Birthday To You With Bugaboo!

Hello everyone!!  I hope y'all are doing well this Thursday morning.  Tomorrow starts Carnaval here in Brasil and not much happens ...