Sunday, February 16, 2014

Help Cindy and Kevin Get To Brasil!!!

**This post will stay on top of the blog until February 16th, which is when this contest ends.**

Hey everyone.  I need your getting some friends of mine to Brasil.  No, I am not asking for money for their plane tickets.  LOL.  All you need to do is "Like" a Facebook page.  Yes, that's it.  I swear!!

My friend Cindy and her husband Kevin have entered a contest being given by Fogo de Chão, a fantastic Brasilian steakhouse with locations both in the USA and here in Brasil.  Cindy and Kevin can really, really use this vacation.  Many of you probably know Cindy from the paper crafting industry, her dies with Spellbinders, her new Tool in One tool, and her website -  She also has tons of Brasilian papercrafters and stampers that buy from her all the time.  Many of my friends are her friends and we would all love to get them here to Brasil!!  

So, if you could just take a minute, all you need to do is click HERE - read their story (if you want to), then scroll to the bottom and click on the Like button. 

Or go here -

Really.  That's it!!  Oh, and if you want, you can pass this along to everyone you know too. 

Thankssssssssss sooooo much!!

Beijos e abracos, 


  1. Michael
    THANKS SO SO MUCH for posting this! It truly would be a dream to give all of you a real HUG in Brasil not just virtual emailed ones! I adore you SO MUCH....Love ya Cindy

  2. done! and posted on my FB page for MY friends to like…yes, easy peasy, puddin 'n pie.

    1. Thank you so much Sue! It's crazy, almost 150 people have viewed this post but their count only went up about 30! Keep spreading the news. Would love to get them here. Thanks again.