Friday, February 7, 2014

My Life In Brasil - Bairro da Ipiranga (Ipiranga Neighborhood)

A few weeks ago we had to go into Ipiranga, Sao Paulo to pick up some supplies for a class.  While waiting for the items, we had a chance to walk around the neighborhood a bit.    This neighborhood, or Bairro in Portuguese, is called Ipiranga and it is where the Emperor Pedro I of Brasil proclaimed the independence of Brasil from Portugal on September 7, 1822.  

Here are some shots of the neighborhood - many are charming old homes.

Below are shots of Independence Park.  One end is the Museu Paulista, which was built in 1895 as a commemorative monument for the anniversary of the independence of Brasil. It was built to be a museum and it is still a museum today.  (Thank you Renata Geraissati for giving me the correct info.) The park is very much like Central Park, but smaller, where people walk, skateboard, jog, chill out, watch people, etc.

But, the best shot I got was this really really really cool store?  home?  painted as a huge puzzle!!

Hope you enjoyed...

Beijos e abracos (Hugs & Kisses) -



  1. I bet you were just itching to doodle inside those puzzle pieces!

    1. Actually....not this wall...but the wall in front of our house is screaming for a Stendoodle.