Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me...

WOW...what a great birthday (for presents that is). No, really, I mean this year rocked and I love everything I got and am blown away by how cool they are!! Since my birthday is on Christmas Eve, it is very hard to get into the birthday feeling. Hard to fight with Jesus but therapy has helped me overcome this situation. Just wanted to share some great presents I got...

From my BFF, Sue (her husband pays me $100 a week to be her friend...oh, did I just publicly announce that?). Well, Sue emailed me last Wednesday to tell me that she just got an email that my gift has gone Fed Ex. And it will arrive on Friday, Christmas Eve. Only problem was that my office was going to be closed that day and I was not going into the office. I assured her I would have it Monday. Then we got that 20" of snow and Fed Ex delayed it again until today. Well, I was shocked when the box arrived and it was from Scrap-Mart. I had just joked with Sue the other day that all I wanted was the Grand Calibur from Spellbinders. Had no idea why I wanted it, just that I wanted it. She actually ordered it before I told her that and she added two of the Grand's Dies!! Guess I gotta tell her husband that he only needs to pay me $90 a week.

And from Anna, the owner of The Ink Pad (NYC's only rubber stamp store), she gave me The Cinch. Now I get to use the Grand Calibur to cut cool paper and bind them with The Cinch to make custom made books.

And from Barbara at The Ink Pad (my other BFF even though she will deny even knowing me) - she got me two really really cool gifts. Both are vintage stamp sets. One was a plain one with really tiny letter and the other is a vintage comic book stamp kit. LOVE it!!!!

Thanks everyone for the Facebook birthday wishes, the cards, and the phone calls!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone

Ok, not much to post lately as I promised. But I did get to spend Christmas Eve with the fantastic Abigail Rose - not in concert - in person!! And she did a great cover of Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer. Had a better version but, as usual, Uncle Mike had the camera the wrong way!!

Happy Birthday To You With Bugaboo!

Hello everyone!!  I hope y'all are doing well this Thursday morning.  Tomorrow starts Carnaval here in Brasil and not much happens ...