Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Never Ending Candle - Day 3 - Shiva Jewel

Welcome to Day 3 of my Never Ending Candle tutorials.  Here is another "sleeve", which slides down over a glass candle or glass jar that you put a votive or tea light candle into.  As you can see, I love bright colors - and coloring in general.  It calms me. 

Shiva Jewel Never Ending Candle

Stamps:  Shiva Jewel (here)
Ink: Archival Jet Black
Markers: Copic Flourescents FYG1 (Yellow), FYR1 (Orange), FYG2 (Yellow Green), FB2 (Blue), FRV1 (Pink), and R27 (Red).
Stamp Positioner

Other Tools: Big Bite, Double Sided Tape, White Cardstock
Crystals: Swarovski


1.  Cut a piece of white cardstock to fit around your jar or candle. 

2.  Stamp your image on your Stamp Positioner.  Find the center of the cardstock, place a small dot using a pencil and, using your stamp positioner, stamp your image in the center of cardstock.  continue stamping until you have stamped the images across the whole piece of cardstock.

3.  Using your stamp positioner, continue stamping the image above and below the center images until the whole piece of cardstock is full.  Then color in the whole thing.  It's best to place the cardstock on a piece of scrap paper because the image will stamp off of the cardstock.

Notice that I color over the small circles.  I am not worried about coloring in the lines as I will cover these small circles with Viva Pearl Pens or with Crystals.

4.  Using your Big Bite or other hole punch, punch out the holes as seen below.  This is where the light will shine through when you light the candle.

5.  Now add the Crystals or Viva Pearl Pens to the areas shown in the photo below.

This is what the sleeve will look like once fully colored and all the crystals have been applied.  

6.  Adhere a strip of double sided tape to one side of the white cardstock, wrap around the glass jar/candle holder and tape closed.

8.  Light a candle and enjoy.



  1. Loved it Michael!
    Thanks for the step by step instructions!


  2. You did a great job on all of them! Not sure which one is my favorite, but they are all super beautiful!