Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Snowflake Never Ending Candle - Day 2

Today I will show you another "sleeve" to make for the Never Ending Candle.  The only big difference between today's tutorial and yesterday's (here) is that today I use a piece of white cardstock in place of the vellum.   The holidays may be over but it's just started to snow in many parts of the country.  Why not have a Snowflake Never Ending Candle?

Snowflake Never Ending Candle

Stamps:  Snowflake Jewel (HERE) and Flurry Small (Small Snowflake) (HERE)
Ink: Memento Danube Blue
Markers: Memento Dandelion (Yellow), Copic FYG2 (Green) and FBG2 (Blue)
Viva Pearl Pens: Blue 600 (HERE), Yellow (HERE), and Kiwi (HERE)
Other Tools: Big Bite, Double Sided Tape, White Cardstock
Crystals: Swarovski Teardrops (HERE)


1.  Cut white cardstock to the same size as the vellum you cut yesterday - the size will be based on the glass jar or candle holder that you are using.

2.  As with yesterday, find the center of the cardstock, place a small dot using a pencil and, using your stamp positioner, stamp the Snowflake Jewel in the center. Continue stamping the Snowflake Jewel, using your stamp positioner, until the whole piece of cardstock is done.
3.  Using the smaller Flurry Snowflake stamp, stamp above and below the line of the Snowflake Jewel images.

4.  Color in the snowflakes.

5.  Using the Big Bite, punch out the holes in the center of the large snowflake and around the edges, as shown.

6.  Adhere the crystal teardrops.  Then, using the Viva Pearl Pens, apply small dots of the blue to the large snowflakes and in the center of the smaller snowflakes that you colored blue.  Then apply the yellow to the smaller yellow snowflakes and the green to the center of the smaller snowflakes you colored green.  Allow to dry completely.

7.  Adhere a strip of double sided tape to one side of the white cardstock, wrap around the glass jar/candle holder and tape closed.

8.  Light a candle and enjoy.