Friday, May 22, 2015

Oh Ship....I Forgot Your Birthday - With Reverse Confetti and Poppy Stamps Dies

A few weeks ago, my friend Justin showed me a stamp set he had bought on Simon Says Stamp called Naughty Nautical.  One of the phrases in the set said "Oh Ship!  I forgot your birthday".  I'm sorry but that just cracked me up!  At first I was completely blank on how I could ever work this phrase into a card.  So I filed it away for future use.  The future came faster than I expected!  I had just gotten an order from Reverse Confetti and one of the dies I ordered for the store is called "Doin The Wave". Not only does the die look like bacon but it also would work as ocean waves.  This was the point when that phrase popped back into my head and, remembering that I had forgotten to send a friend a birthday card, I was now going to get this idea out of my head.  Now, since I am in Brasil and did not order this set from Simon before I left NYC, I printed the phrase on cardstock to use on the inside of the card.  I think the whole thing came together nicely and hope you guys like it.  But, buy the set from Simon Says Stamp before they send me a letter from their lawyers.  LOL.   

To Make This Card:

Start with an A2 white cardstock base.  Cut a piece of textured dark blue cardstock, 4.25" x 5.5", and adhere it to the card front.  Cut a piece of very light blue cardstock 4" x 5.25".  You want to use a color of blue that resembles the sky.     

Now to die cut your pieces.  I used the same dark blue from the card front and another lighter blue that would work well as "waves" and cut them with the Doin The Wave die. Then I used the Sun 'N Clouds die and cut the sun from a piece of orangey/yellow scrap cardstock that had small textured dots on it and I cut some clouds from white glitter scraps.  Finally, I cut the large sailboat from the Marina Sailboats set from craft cardstock and then again using a piece of patterned paper that I would use as the sails.  

Now to put it all together.  Grab your favorite glue and the light piece of cardstock.  Start by gluing the largest of the light blue wave to the bottom of the cardstock.  You want to start with the lighter blue for a contrast against the dark blue card front.  Then adhere the other waves, alternating the colors and sizes until you get the look you like.  Before you glue the top wave, slip the craft sailboat under the wave and then cover the bottom part with the final wave. The waves will hang off the bottom and the sides and you will trim after you have glued them all down.

Then trim the patterned paper for the sails and glue them to the sailboat.  

At this point, since you will be using pop dots, I suggest adhering this light blue cardstock piece to the card front. Then, grab your stash of pop dots (cuz you know you have some) and put some on the back of the sun and the clouds and adhere to the card front.  

Here is the final outside front of the card.

And here is the inside.  I typed up the phrase and printed it out on white cardstock.  Then used the smaller of the Give Thanks Labels to cut and emboss around the phrase.  Then used the larger of the Give Thanks Labels from the same paper as the card front and layered the pieces.

Well, I hope you guys like the way I put this card together! It's a fun card.  Until next time....

Hugs from Brasil 


Dies and Stamps Used:

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