Saturday, May 23, 2015

Brasilian/New York Style Homemade Pizza - YUM!

I is very personal.  And I know that this pizza is not for everyone.  I am sure there will be more than a few "yucks", "grosses", and "how can you eat this?" (especially from Sue M. and Heather).  That said, pizza is different all over the planet, every city has their own style, and every person has their own favorite.  And y'all just need to start experimenting!

I love and miss a good New York City pizza.  But I am not there.  Brasil makes a really really great pizza too!  Less sauce and more cheese.  Last night I was in the mood for pizza but wanted to just make one at home with a bunch of different stuff.  It turned out great.  

What is your favorite pizza or toppings on pizza?

Started with a pizza base from a local bakery.  Coated both sides with olive oil.
Then some tomato sauce mixed with homemade pesto sauce, corn, and peas!
Now cover the whole thing with cooked ziti pasta.  Heck, use whatever pasta you want to use!

Now a bit more of the sauce mixture, some sliced tomatoes, some pan grilled Brasilian sausage called Linguica and some bacon bits.

Now cover the whole thing with a large amount of shredded mozzarella cheese (or a mixture of different cheeses)!

Final step was to add some "batata palha", which is Portuguese for Potato Sticks.  Brasilians love their bags of Potato Sticks and it is very common on pizza.

Bake in pre-heated oven until the cheese has melted and it looks yummy!  Cut a slice...or two...and enjoy.

Ruy thought having pasta on pizza was strange and I had to remind him that pizza places in NYC have some very strange stuff on their pizzas.  But, to each his own.  Listen, Brasilian pizza has some strange pairings and concoctions as well.  They love cream cheese on pizza...not me!  But...a different country, a different culture!  

Would love to hear what your favorite pizza toppings or flavors are and what is the type of pizza from wherever you guys call home!  

Hugs from Brasil -



  1. Are you kidding me? Wow! Wish I had been there to try a piece of that pizza. Looks good to me!

  2. Hi Michael. I'm trying to identify a Happy Birthday to You stamp you used on a card in 2014. It was your "Stendoodling is for the Birds" card series. The stamp is on the Tall Birds Happy Birthday card. If you can give me any identifying info on the stamp, I'd certainly appreciate it. Thanks.

    1. Hi Sara. I do not remember who makes the stamp. But, when I return home next week, I will take a look to see if I can find it. Ok?