Thursday, January 30, 2014

StenDoodle Heart Flower Card - Without The Flower!!

Hello everyone!!  Today is a sort of continuation of my Guest Artist spot, on StencilGirl's Blog yesterday.  If you have not seen the post, check out HERE.  Today, is not a long tutorial, just a short one, to show another way to use the stencil in yesterday's post.  

Below is another card I made using the same stencil as yesterday, Terri Stegmiller's Heart Flower 6 stencil.  As you can see, I left out the flower part of the stencil and, using different colors, made it a bit more of a masculine card.   I also love how this card came out - with the fish looking as if they are in a tank, with pipes going down into the heart with water.  Although it was not intentional, I think it turned out fun looking!!  And I love the little fish!!   

Stencils Used In This Project:
Heart Flower 6
Geomaze Stencil 
Aiden's School Stencil (fish)
Eddy Rose 6 
Squared On 6 (the pipes) 
Diamonds Small 6 

Lay the Heart Flower 6 stencil on your paper and secure with painter's tape or other removable tape.

Trace around the stencil with a pencil but skip over the areas that would have been the flower.  Then go back and close those gaps in your outline with the pencil.  See the below photo. 

Now lay the Geomaze Stencil over the heart and trace that section of the stencil you want to use for your Stendoodles.  Look for larger areas to use rather than smaller.

Trace with pencil and then with permanent marker. 

Now you get to StenDoodle in the open areas.  I listed above all of the stencils I used in this project and the photo of the card shows where I used each of them.  

I really hope that you embark on a StenDoodling Adventure of your own and I would love, love, love to see what create!!  Please feel free to email me at with a photo or a link to your project!!

Beijos e Abracos (Hugs and Kisses)



  1. Love this Stendoodle, too, Michael!!
    Welcome, welcome, welcome to the StencilGirl Creative Team! :) Yay!

  2. Sasha, Mia, AJ, Zoey, Bella and I are so proud of you!!!! xoxo!!!

    1. Thank you all my hairy little friends...and my honey Ruy.