Friday, December 20, 2013

Stendoodle An Ornament With Stencil Girl Stencils

Continuing on my quest to "Stendoodle" the is a really easy and fun idea for making a unique ornament for your Christmas tree or to give as a gift.  I could do a week of Stendoodled ornaments but, with Christmas less than a week away, we will only do one. 

Supplies Used:

Stencil Girl Stencils - Circle on Circle (9x12), Circle 9 (9x12), Ray Circles (6x6)
Spellbinders - 2012 Heirloom Ornaments Nestabilities (S5-116) - but any of their Heirloom Ornament dies would work too.
White cardstock
Gold cardstock
HB Graphic pencil
Pencil Sharpener
Black permanent pen i.e. Micron, Sharpie, etc. - fine tip
Coloring medium - I used Wink of Stella Brush markers in blue, red, yellow, and green.
Piece of ribbon
Glue - I used a 2 way glue with a chisel tip by Zig 

Step by Step:

1.  Cut and emboss the largest die, twice, out of gold cardstock.  Now place the same die on a piece of white cardstock and trace the inside of the die 4 times with the permanent marker and then cut them out.

2.  Place the Circle on Circle stencil one of the ornaments you cut from the white cardstock and find that portion of the stencil that "talks to you".  Trace it on the ornament with a pencil.  Remove the stencil and go over the pencil lines with the permanent marker and then erase the pencil lines.  Do the same for all 4 ornaments.

Note:  you do not have to use a pencil.  I just like that I can erase the pencil mark should it slip or not trace correctly.  You can use the permanent marker only.  Your choice. 

You will end up with 2 ornaments in the gold cardstock and 4 of the ornaments from the white cardstock with your stencil design on the front.

 3.  Lay the part of the Circle 9 stencil in the bottom circle of the ornament and trace, as you did above.  Then move stencil to the circle above it and repeat.  Do this for all 4 white ornaments.

4.  Lay one of the sunburst of the Ray Circles in the right side partial cirtcle, and then the bottom of the ornament, and trace.  Again, do this for all 4 white ornaments.

5.  Erase all pencil marks, if necessary, and then color in the ornament with a medium of your choice.  I used the Wink of Stella Brush markers for the ornaments.  I love love love these pens and the shimmer you achieve when they are dry.  But you can use Tombows, Copics, watercolor pencils, normal colored pencils...whatever you want to use.  

You will need to color two of the ornaments in full and the other two, just color in the two circles in the center of the ornament as you will be cutting these out.  Note that in the fully colored ornaments I did not color in the full circle since I knew this part would be covered.

6.  Apply glue to one of the gold ornaments, lay the piece of ribbon down the center, and glue the other gold ornament to the other side.

7.  Apply pop dots to the back of the fully colored white ornaments and adhere them to each side of the gold ornaments.  Then cut the circles out of each of the partially colored ornaments, adhere pop dots to the back, and apply over the fully colored ornaments.

8.  Adhere some clear crystals to the centers of the small circles.

9.  Hang on your tree (or your passion fruit vine in my case) and enjoy!!



  1. Fantabulous, dahling......this makes me want to run off and make some of these right this very moment!!

  2. Terrific project!! I may even do these in the after Christmas lull :)
    Merry Christmas and Happy 2014!

  3. Very clever Michael.
    Merry Christmas.

  4. Michael, once again you've given me a reason to break out my stencils and amaze my family and friends. Thank you so much!! I wish you a Merry Christmas and an amazingly creative New Year.