Sunday, May 13, 2012

Product Review - Wink of Stella Pens

Ok, I'll admit it...say it out loud...for the whole world to know....[taking big gulp here] - 

I AM A PENOPHILE.  No, not what you are thinking Barbara Briskin - it means that I love pens and markers.  Yes, it's a real word.  Trust me.  You can Google it.  I love any pen that writes with a fine tip, has bright colors, or colors well.  I own a good amount of Copics and Spectrum Noir alcohol markers and a very good supply of Tombow markers, which are water based markers.  Now I get to add Wink of Stella markers to my collection.  These markers have glitter in them. 

How I missed these new pens at CHA in January is a mystery to me.  But, thanks to my good friend Barbara at The Ink Pad in NYC, she saw them and ordered them for the store.  When they got them in and I tried one, I was hooked, and ended up buying all the colors they had. And now I have the pleasure of passing this on to you guys.

These new pens are made by Kuretake under the Zig Memory System brand.  As with most things coming out of Japan - these are cool.  

According to their website - "Wink of Stella markers are "sparkle markers" and are appropriately named by the sparkle this constellation brings to the sky, and will bring an exciting element of sparkle to your scrapbooks and crafting projects."  The markers contain premium pigment glitter dust ink perfect for adding controlled glitter to your projects.  The markers are also acid free and are archival quality.

I'll admit that I am a fan of glitter but do not reach for them very often.  The idea of the mess, the glues, the waiting time for the glitter to dry...well, not my first choice.  But I was very pleasantly surprised with these pens.  The glitter is just the right amount, the drying time is almost instant, and there is no mess. 

The markers come in 13 colors - Black, Blue, Brown, Gold, Lt. Green, Green, Pink, Dark Pink, Silver, Yellow, Violet, Orange, and Clear.

The only important thing to remember about these markers is to keep them stored horizontally so that the glitter does not clog the pen when you grab it to color. 

I love the shimmer that these markers leave behind.  I love bright colors in my work and these do not disappoint.  And because they only come in 13 colors (at the writing), I keep them in a small case and carry them with me all the time.  The Black is perfect for writing in my journal, and the other colors just add even more to my projects.

Below are some sample projects I made using these pens.  If you are in the NYC area, you can purchase these pens from The Ink Pad, located on 7th Avenue and 13th Street.  If not, my good friend Cindy, has them on her website for a really great price - $2.39 per pen.

Disclosure - I don't earn any commission or monies if you buy them from my friend Cindy or the Ink Pad, nor did they know I was going to link back to their sites.  I just love to promote places that I, too, purchase from.  

If you own these markers please feel free to leave feedback in the comments and if you end up purchasing any, I would love to hear what you think of them also.  Good or bad.

Image: Loralie Art Stamps, Background Paper: Ambrosia by Bo Bunny from  

Image from Gourmet Rubber Stamps available at The Ink Pad in NYC

Image: Floral Corners & Borders from Woodware USA, Phrase from retired Stampin Up set, Die: Romantic Rectangles from Spellbinders, available from
Well, the weather has not been cooperating the past few days to get photos that really show off the glitter.  Today I did a quick video hoping that the glitter shows up on it.  Trust me, it's great.



  1. Michael
    I LOVE your style!
    Love the Pens!
    Thanks for the links
    but most of all thanks
    for being my friend!

  2. now I have to get these as I am a Penofile also


  3. Now I have to get these as I am a Penofile also. Need to get what ever is out there all the time

    Love You

  4. Love your style and pens Thanks for sharing.
    Plastic Cards