Thursday, May 24, 2012

Exciting News - Demoing for True Colors

Have some exciting news to share with everyone!!!

There is a huge arts & crafts show here in Sao Paulo called the Mega Artesenal, and I will be demoing for a company called True Colors.  I am very excited about this and it's a huge opportunity for me. 

Back in November, when I decided to try Brasil for two months (to make sure I could really really live here), Ruy and I met with Luciana at True Colors.  True Colors makes products for the scrapbooker, cardmaker, altered artist, and the hobbyist, and I was interested in selling their products here in our store.  But, before I could sell any of it, I had to understand what the products did.  And, since the products all have Brasilian names, I had to know what was what.  Gesso here is not the same as gesso in the states.  

So Ruy and I went for a 3 hour training class, which I blogged about here.  During the training, Eduardo, the owner, came down to meet us.  Luciana showed him some of my work and Eduardo sat with us for a bit.  One of the fun products they make is an alcohol ink in a spray bottle.  I had a chance to show Eduardo and Luciana how I work with alcohol inks and we talked a lot.  The 3 hour training turned into a 5 hour meeting and at the end, Eduardo had asked me if I would want to demo for them at the Mega.  Since it was months away and I had to first go home, pack up the apartment, and move here, I told him we would talk about it when I returned to Brasil.  

Fast forward to last week when Ruy and I went and met with Luciana and Eduardo again.  We talked about me demoing at the Mega.  I also showed him some of the stuff I had done in the days prior to our meeting - just basic background papers and tags using their sprays.  

So, that all being said, the Mega is in Sao Paulo from June 27th to July 1.  If you are coming to the show, please stop by the True Colors booth and say hello - in English or Portuguese.  

I've done two previous posts about True Colors - here and here.

Below are some of the samples I made for them last week.  Nothing wow.  Just playing around with their sprays.  Hope you enjoy.


Tag done with stencil and clear gel with acrylic sprays.

Tag done with alcohol ink sprays.

Tag with acrylic sprays and then sprayed with alcohol.


  1. Especially love the one done with the Spray. WOW


  2. WOW especially love the one you did with the spray

    Big Hugs

  3. Nothing WOW? I beg to differ there Michael - I especially like the first one. Gorgeous color choices you made!

  4. Nothing WOW? I beg to differ. I especially love the first one Michael, gorgeous color choices!

  5. Congratulations and good luck!!!

  6. Olaaaa !!!
    Adorei o post com toda a "nossa" história !!! é um prazer ter vcs juntos com a familia TRue Colors !!!
    Tenho certeza que serão dias intensos !!!! Cheios de trabalho ( rsrsr ) e muitaaaa AMIZADE !!!

    Obrigada e beijos !!
    True Colors

  7. Love what you've done! I'd love to try the alcohol ink sprays. In the words of Suzette Weinberg, do you ship?