Monday, January 19, 2015

Brasil is HOT & Whiskey Has A New Family

Good morning everyone!  Well Summer is in full swing here!  It has been over 100F for over two weeks now.  I am not complaining.  It is Brasil.  And it is Summer.  I just wish the air would move!  I have not used the hot water in the shower for a few weeks now since the cold comes out warm!  My only concerns are the water for the animals and I put ice cubes in their bowls to chill the water.  They are not moving much anyway.  LOL

Poor Sasha cooling off on her back and praying for a breeze!
As for the pups...they are getting BIG!  Next week they will be 2 months old and we have started to look for new homes for them.  Our very good friend Mara, and her daughter Barbara, decided early on that they wanted Whiskey!  Very happy about that since black dogs are harder to get adopted than lighter colored ones.  The vet stopped by they other day and gave them all their first set of shots.  She also told us that Whiskey is part Rottweiler but will not be a very big dog.

Yesterday we had a BBQ and a celebration of Mara's birthday.  When they left they took Whiskey with them.  Sad day but happy that we will be able to see Whiskey grow up.  Maybe there will be some play dates in the future.  Very happy that we love the family that adopted him!

Whiskey in his box ready to go.  Momma and Poppa on the other
side saying goodbye.  Max does not look happy at all.

Whiskey crawled out of his box to give Max one last kiss.
Okay...this killed me!

Whiskey with is new family.  Vinicius, Barbara, Mara and Luis.
Okay, off to take my 3rd shower of the day now. 

Hugs from a hot Brasil -

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