Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bella Was Pregnant! Who Knew?

Bella with her new babies - Sunshine, Whiskey, Cappuccino, and Latte (we think)

Good morning everyone.  I had done another card yesterday morning but did not have time to write up anything about it because my day went haywire in the afternoon.  

We have puppies!!

As many of you know, we have 3 dogs.  Sasha (a pitbull,) and Max and Bella, mixed mutts from the streets.  Both rescue dogs.  Well, long story short - I wanted to get Max fixed as soon as we got him.  But we didn't.  Then Bella went into heat right when I was leaving for NY.  Ruy did his best to keep them apart but apparently it didn't work.  LOL.  It seems that Bella had gotten pregnant while I was away.  Yeah, I know, it's not just her fault!  

When I got back here to Brasil the first thing I said to Ruy - after I saw Bella - was that I thought she looked pregnant.  Her nipples were larger, her belly was bigger and hanging down.  He told me there was no way she was.  

A few days ago I went online to ask Uncle Google how to tell if a dog is pregnant. Bella pretty much had all the symptoms.  One thing that Uncle Google told me was that about 2 days before giving birth, she would start to "nest" in her comfort zone.  Well 2 days ago she went into her house and pretty much stayed there all day. Again I told Ruy that I think she is pregnant and going to give birth.  He told me "no way is she pregnant". Yesterday she would not come out of her house at all.  At one point Ruy went to the back to check on her and I was upstairs, when all of a sudden I heard "oh my God!".

Well, Ruy cannot tell me that I am crazy anymore.  Because he went to the back just as she was giving birth to puppy number 1. Numbers 2, 3, and 4 came right after.  What a wild ride.  

I video taped her giving birth to puppy number 3, which is below.  Some might find the video gross but I think it is the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced.  It still amazes me that she knew exactly what needed to be done.  She cleaned the sack away from the baby's face to get her breathing. She bit the cord away so that she could get her to one of her nipples.  Just amazing!!

Anyway, Momma and babies are doing well.  We put them in a big box in the store since we are there all day.  I will post photos as they grow.   

Hugs from Brasil -


  1. Loved the video, the pictures you already shared at facebook.... Loved the way you told the story. All the puppies are beautiful but the black ones is my favorite.

  2. Thanks Carla. This is alllllll Ruy's fault. LOL

  3. So Michael - how does it feel to be a Grandfather? LOL

    1. Oh Grace....proud to be a grandpa. It was a bit unexpected. All 4 pups are doing great and are so cute. It will be very hard to give them away. As much as I want them all, we already have 3.