Sunday, April 20, 2014

And The Winner Is.......

Good morning everyone.  And Happy Easter to all that celebrate!  I am blown away by the number of comments left on my blog post for the StencilGirl stencils and other goodies!! I really think you guys want the Brasilian chocolate more than the stencils.  Ha Ha.  I wanted to answer every blog comment left but it would have thrown the contest off.  If you left me a comment to answer, I will do so after the winner is announced.  

I had 161 comments and I numbered them 1-161, starting with the first comment left on the blog.  Using, the winner is -

Martha Rose  who wrote "This 80 yr old stencil junkie hopes she wins!  Glad to discover your blog via Stencil Girls Club FB Page.  Thanks for your generosity!"

Martha Rose - please email me your full name and address to and I will get your goodies off to you this week!  

Congratulations Martha Rose!!

Thank you again to everyone that left comments, subscribed to my blog, added me to their feeds and Google+ accounts.  Keep watching for more Blog Candy contests in the next few  months!!

Hugs and Kisses 


  1. What a lucky girl!!
    And a GREAT giveaway!

  2. Lucky lady! Congratulations and enjoy all those yummy goodies!!!

  3. Congratulations Martha Rose, I really didn't need the chocolates, enjoy the stencils and can't wait to see what you create. Thanks Michael for the opportunity to participate.

  4. Yaaay!!! For Martha Rose!!! Have fun with all your treasures… happy for you!!! (I love that name, Martha Rose)

  5. LUCKY DUCK! Oh well, I found your blog because of the give away so I guess I'm a winner too.