Sunday, July 14, 2013

Brasil - Bella, Gatsby, and Life In Brasil

Hey everyone.  I've decided to make a little change to my blog.  I am going to start including blog posts about my life here in Brasil.  I used to have another blog just for the travel and Brasilian aspect of my life but having two blogs is just too much and, since this blog is called "World of Michael Trent "and Brasil is part of my "World"...why not.  

I know some might not like this move as you are only looking at this blog for the papercrafts aspect of it, and others might enjoy seeing what life for an American here in the countryside of Brasil is really like, but - for either case - when I post a Brasilian topic, I will put in the subject line Brasil - then the topic.  This way you will know it has nothing to do with paper, glue, stamps, tape, or sprays, or textures, or  

For today - a brief video of the newest additions to the household - Bella (the pup) and Gatsby (the kitty).  These two are brand new and are loving each other.  They join Sasha (the pitbull and reining Queen Dog of the house, Mia - the reining Queen Cat of the house, AJ - the quiet, shy and afraid of her own shadow cat, and Zoey - the "who invited all of these other creatures into the house ?"cat).  

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  1. Hi Michael! I was on the Ink Pad blog and spotted your lovely card, and popped over. Great blog, and love that you are going to share your life in Brazil! I love when people share things things as I think it really helps understand the person and makes the world smaller. Your new family additions are adorable!