Monday, December 5, 2011

Outlines Rubber Stamp Ornament

Hello everyone.  Lots of changes been going on in my life.  No longer employed and have been in Brasil now for 3 weeks.  Trying to determine if I can live here permanently, but that decision has already been made.  I love it here.  Anyway, the creativity flows better here.  I am giving some classes here this weekend and next and, since I have to type up the directions for the folks here, I thought I would also put the projects on my blog.  So, here goes.

As many of you know, I freakin love the images by Outlines Rubber Stamps and this is an ornament I made.  I love this stamp as the lines are all straight lines and easy to cut with a small scissor or an Exacto knife and a ruler.  As for the layers, I made this card to have 4 layers on the front and only 1 on the back.  But feel free to make as many layers as you want.  

Stamp: Diamond Ornament, I-159 by Outlines Rubber Stamp Company (here).
Paper: White cardstock of your choice.  The heavier weight, the better.
Markers Used: Tombow Nos. 055 (Yellow), 443 (Blue), 173 (Green), 835 (Red), N15 (Black).  Feel free to use any markers, pencils, etc. that you want.  But, if you use Copics, make sure that you stamp the images in an ink that will work with Copics.
Bling: Crystals in No.s 5, 7, and 9 (also used some crystals from here in Brasil called Perola Lua).
Tools/Other: Tweezers, Small fine tip scissor, Pop Dots, ribbon, double sided tape or glue, Quickie Glue (or other glue and a toothpick).

1.  Stamp image 6 times on white cardstock.  You will need two full images - for the front and back - and 4 other images for the layers. 

2.  Cut the images out.  Cut two full images out for the front and back of the ornament.  Because the first layer on the front will be fully covered, I cut out the center of that section to use as the top layer, as you will not be able to see the cutout section once covered.  You can cut the layers any way that you want, but below is how I cut them for this ornament.

3.  Color layers as desired.  There will be times when you do not need to color in the full layer.  If you notice, such as on the Front layer, I only colored in the sections that will be seen.  The idea is to not have any white showing under the layers.  If you know that a section will be fully covered by a new layer, you do not need to color that section in.  If you adhere a layer and notice sections not colored in, just take your maker and color them after the layer has been applied.

4.  Adhere the front to the back with double sided tape or a glue of your choice, such as Zig's two way glue, which works great.  I do find that double sided tape works best.  Adhere pop dots to the "back layer" and adhere to the back side of the ornament.

5.  Turn ornament over and, using pop dots, adhere the Front Layer 1 to the ornament, the Front Layer 2, 3 and, finally, 4.  You will end up with one side having 1 layer and the other having 4.


Front of Ornament

Back of Ornament
6.  Now it's time to apply the crystals.  Using a Quickie Glue stick or some clear glue and a toothpick, place a small dot of glue in the dots and, using tweezers, apply the crystals to the specific areas you choose.  You can also use Stickles or glitter in place of the crystals. 

Front of Ornament with all the bling.

Back of Ornament with all the bling.
7.  Tie ribbon around the ornament and hang from your tree.


  1. Congratulations on being a FT Brazil resident now :) Glad to see some of your art again too.