Saturday, February 28, 2009

Petal Belle Cafe

No stamping related blog entry today. Just sharing some photos I took last night at my friend Elisa's cafe - Petal Belle - in SOHO. She was SUPPOSED to go to a dinner with me last night but had a last minute booking at the cafe. Here are just some fun shots I took of items around her cafe. I love macro photography!! Enjoy.

The pastries through the looking glass.
Birds in the window. I love this photo.

A painting done by Barbara - a friend of Elisa's. A great addition to the cafe.

The famous liege!!

Old fashioned spoons.

Ahhh, Easter M&Ms. Could life get any better?

Ahhhh, jelly beans. Life just got better!!

Announcing mini cupcakes. Delish!! You have to taste these.


Real sugar.

Those mini cupcakes - again.

What could be better? Great cappuccino from Petal Belle (it really is good coffee), some gelato, and a liege. Get the liege warm and put the gelato on top. Delish.


  1. Love the photos, even though no stamping involved. Speaking of which, you owe me something. Remember???? :)

  2. oh what a neat little cafe! Maybe someday I will get the chance to visit there. The cupcakes are adorable too LOL!

  3. You had to show the pastries didn't cha?!! ;-) These are awesome shots I like macro photography too. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Lovely! I love mini cupcakes! :) I hope one day we can go and visit together! :)

  5. Thank you so much for taking these photos of the cafe. They are beautiful. It's nice to see the cafe through someone elses eye and you've got a great eye. Can't wait for you to hang some of your fab photography in my place. I am sure you will have some lovely ones when you get back from Brasil. XO, Elisa at Petalbelle.

  6. Anonymous said
    That night as I was having my usual delicious cappuccino. I sat and watched how you were taking photo's, a click here, a click there, eyeing the liege, zooming in on those outrageously mini yummy cupcakes, and when you focused your camera up and on the painting....I knew right then and there, this place is one of a kind.
    Oh, and ah, I'll get the light on the way out........