Saturday, April 22, 2017

Flat Stanley Learns About Fruits From Brasil

Hello everyone.  This is my last post about Flat (for the moment).  Flat is leaving me soon but, before he left, I had to teach him about some fruits we have here in Brasil.  He learns about maracuja (passion fruit), caju (where cashew nuts come from), and Cacao, where our chocolate starts out from.  It's just a little bit quirky but was fun to do.  You would think - if I can do this why can't I seem to do crafty videos.  LOL

The video seems to be too large for blogger so you will have to click HERE to be taken to the video on You Tube.

Below is a photo of what the cacao fruit looks like.  If you want to learn more about cacao check out THIS video.

Cacao - where chocolate starts.

Below is a photo of what Caju or the cashew fruit looks like.  You can eat the fruit.  You can also plant the cashew seed at the top and grow a cashew tree. Inside the seed is the nut.  Click HERE to see a short video about cashew fruit.

Caju - where cashews come from.
Below is a photo of maracuja, or passion fruit.  HERE is a cute video about sweet maracuja, which actually does look like a lemon.  And HERE is a really cute video about how to make passion fruit juice.

I hope you enjoyed this short post about some interesting fruits here.  Until next time - 

Hugs from Brasil - 



  1. Yummy!! Thank You for sharing Michael!

    1. Thanks Rannah! Glad you liked. Was fun to do for Sami and I learned a lot too!