Sunday, December 7, 2014

Puppy Update and Client Madness

Hey everyone.  Sorry - it's been a crazy time and, as much as I have wanted to blog, I have been crazy busy with other things.  Like puppies!!  And emergency, last minute projects for clients.  Puppies are doing well. Sunshine, Cappuccino, and Whiskey have all opened their eyes.  Just waiting for Latte to open his now!

As for the clients, last Friday we had someone stop over asking if I could make a signature book for her nephew's wedding. 

Sure I can. 

She wanted something simple.  25 black pages inside. Simple silver/white/black look. When did she need it by?  3 days later!  I was able to pump this out in less than an hour!! 

Below are photos of the front of the book and the inside cover and first page.

Then, not more than an hour later, another customer stopped by asking me to make some Christmas cards for her.  She told me she wanted 6" square cards but she wanted the front to look like a closed box, where the 4 sides interlock with each other.  

Um, okay.  

I told her that I would figure out how to do that.  She wanted 20 cards.  I told her I would need at least 2 weeks to get them done. She needed them within a week because she was leaving for holiday and begged me to try to get them done sooner. (Brasilians love last minute projects.)

After checking Pinterest (my daily addiction), I found someone that had made a template for the card.  Easy peasy.  Next up was to get the production line moving.  

The production line of the 20 cards.  

The 20 cards done!!  
The final card with the photos of the two dogs.
Inside is just white cardstock.
20 cards done by Wednesday night.  2 days ahead of schedule.  Just so you know, the client has yet to pick them up!!  So much for needing them quickly.

Now I am working on some new holiday cards to get out to family!!  

Have you guys started or finished your holiday cards yet?  Just curious. Well, until next time -

Hugs from Brasil -


  1. Hurry up and wait... the last thing I wanna do... and I always love my christmas cards... but I am a one of kind, and at a time.. girl! Loved the cards and wedding album rocks! Hope you have fun making your christmas cards... : ) Eva

    1. Thanks Eva. Now if only the client would show up to pick them up. Crazy!! I have yet to start my own holiday cards. Wait, I say that every year. LOL

  2. Wow! Great work and quick. I normally start Christmas cards in July but it waited until October this year. Mailed on December 1!

    1. Thanks Trish. Every year I say that I will make a card a week. Never happens. lol. I am still trying to get my own holiday cards done!