Thursday, October 9, 2014

Inchie Arts/Art Squares/StenDoodle Technique

Card by Lisa Lee of Inchie Arts using StenDoodle with stamps!

Good morning everyone!

I have recently become friends with Lisa Lee, the owner of Inchie Arts, which is a company that makes Art Squares.  Art Squares are 4-ply mat board that you can pretty much use for anything!  You can use it with dry or wet products - use with sprays, texture pastes, inks, markers, paints, pen and pencil.  Just about anything!  It does not warp and keeps it's shape.  I am in love with these Art Squares.  They also come in several colors (although I am partial to white since I add so much color) and they start at 1" squares and go up to 4" squares.

Today Inchie Arts is participating in a blog with CardMaker Magazine and one of the projects that Lisa does uses a 4" Art Square with a twist on my StenDoodle technique. Hope you guys can show some love, check out the blogs, and leave comments!!  

There is also a giveaway to win some Art Squares of your own to try! 

To get to the blog hop, either click on the photo at the top of this post or click 

Hugs from New York City!


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  1. Hi Michael :) Love your blog, and I'm fascinated by your sten doodle designs. Will you be teaching that class on Long Island or did I miss that one? Nice to meet you today, too!